Fluid vibrating flowmeter
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A cylindrical bluff body is placed in a flowing fluid, the cylinder is generated at the downstream sides of the two columns a regular vortex, with the vortex generated downstream of the fluid in and around the cylinder will produce a regular vibration, the vibration there is a corresponding relationship between the frequency and flow. 

Constrained by expanding the tube when the cyclone will produce vortex precession phenomena, fluid vibration occurs, the vibration frequency is proportional to flow rate. 

Further, in the Coanda jet fluidic oscillator element is made of, can also produce a fluid flow rate is proportional to the vibration. 

Using the measured frequency of vibration of the fluid flow measurement instrumentation, known fluid vibrating flowmeter. 

Fluid vibrating flowmeter is a late 1960s to develop newer flow measurement technology, which has the following features: available with a frequency output signal proportional to flow; the measured fluid itself is vibrating body, no mechanical moving parts ; almost from the fluid composition, density, viscosity, pressure and other factors; it is small compared with the throttle meter pressure loss than the wide range and so on. Therefore, the measurement method more and more attention has been paid, is in constant development and improvement process.

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