The volumetric flow meter works
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The volumetric flow meter works

Volumetric flow measurement is fixed to a small volume by repeatedly metered volume of fluid flowmeter. So, in the internal volumetric flowmeter must have constituted a standard volume of space, commonly referred to as volumetric flowmeter "measurement space" or "metering chamber." This space together constitute the inner wall of the shell by the meter and the meter rotating parts.

Volumetric flowmeter works as follows: the fluid through the meter, it will produce a certain pressure difference between the meter and export. Flowmeter rotating member (referred to a rotor) at this pressure difference generates a rotating special, and discharge the fluid from the inlet to the outlet. In this process, the fluid flow meter is full time and time again "measurement space", and then continue to be sent to the exit. Under the given conditions of the flowmeter, the volume of the metering space is determined, as long as the measured number of rotations of the rotor. Accumulated value can be obtained through the meter fluid volume.

Provided flowmeter space volume v (m 3), the rotor rotates within a certain period of time the number is N, during which time the volume of fluid flowing

V = Nv (2-1)

Then set the gear ratio of the instrument is a constant, the value of N by the rotation of the rotor of the gear transmission gear set rotate and scale values of the week than the meter pointer determined. If the meter indicates the value of I, it turns the relationship between the number N of the rotor

I = N (2-2)

The relationship represented by the formula (2-1) and (2-2) can be obtained within a certain time the volume of fluid through the meter indication value of the meter

V = I (2-3)

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