Introduction oval gear flow meter
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Introduction oval gear flow meter 

l oval gear flow meter features

Flow measurement independent of the state of the fluid flow, because oval gear flow meter is relying indenter measured media in promoting oval gear metering of rotation.

The greater the viscosity of the medium, and measurement of space gear gap from leaking out of the smaller amount of leakage, so sticky skin nuclear test medium, the greater the leakage error is smaller, the more favorable the measurement.

High precision measurement of oval gear flow meter for measuring high viscosity media traffic, but not for a fluid containing solid particles (solid particles will gear stuck, making it impossible to measure the flow rate). If the measured liquid medium mixed with gas, can cause measurement errors.

Oval gear flow meter main technical data



Min flow

Max flow


Work Pressure

LC — 10






≤ 1 .6Mpa

LC — 15




LC — 20




LC — 25




LC — 40




LC — 50




LC — 80




LC — 100




LC — 150




Oval gear flow meter is a positive displacement meter for precise measurement of continuous or intermittent flow or transient pipe flow liquid. It is particularly suitable for flow measurement of heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, a higher resin viscosity media.

l oval gear flowmeter works

Oval gear flow meter measuring section consisting mainly of two intermeshing oval gear and housing (measuring chamber), as shown below:


Oval gear at p = pl-p2 role △ measured media pressure, resulting in the role of torque to rotate. When (a) the position shown, since P1> P2, P1 and P2 under the action of the generated torque to the wheel 1 together produce a clockwise direction, the medium is ejected meniscus volume between the wheel 1 and the housing within the to the outlet, and drive wheels 2 for counterclockwise rotation, then one of the driving wheel, the driven wheel 2 is, in (b) the intermediate position shown, 1 and 2 are capstan; in (c) on position shown, P1 and P2 in a moment together on zero effect on the two combined torque to two counter-clockwise rotation, and the half-moon has suction medium volume within the discharge to the outlet, then 2 is a driving wheel, a driven wheels, and (a) the case shown opposite. So cyclical, round one and round two alternately each other by a drive rotates, the measured medium with half-moon again and again as a unit volume of discharge from the inlet to the outlet. Obviously, the Fig. (A), (b), (c), the oval gear is rotated only represents a 1/4 weeks, the measured medium while it is discharged into a half-moon volume. Therefore, each revolution of the oval gear parallelism of the measured medium quality for volume four times the half-moon, meteor through the oval gear meter volume flow Q is:

Q = 4 nυ0


n - rotational frequency oval gear (rev / sec);

υ 0 - half-moon part of the volume (Tony).

Thus, in the half-moon volume υ 0 oval gear flow meter certain conditions, as long as the measured oval gear rotation speed n, will know the flow of the measured medium.

Oval gear flow meter signal (ie, the rotation speed oval gear n) shows that there are two kinds of local display and remote display.

Local display will rotate through a series of gears after deceleration and speed ratio adjustment mechanism is directly connected to the needle and instructions on the instrument panel, and after a mechanical counter display the total.


Remote Display was mainly driven by the gear reduction after rotating permanent magnet, such that the spring contacts of the relay with the same rotational frequency of the permanent magnet closed or disconnected in synchronization, thereby sending an electrical pulse is transmitted to the other display device away


l oval gear flow meter installation

Oval gear flow meter should be clean before installing the pipe. If the liquid containing solid particles, the filter must be installed upstream of the pipe; if it contains exhaust gas should be installed.

Oval gear flow meter straight pipe before and after no certain requirements. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically. When installed, should make oval gear flow meter rotation axis parallel to the ground.

l oval gear flow of juice use

In accordance with the requirements of oval gear flow meter is installed correctly, you can ensure that the use of sufficient accuracy, precision usually cumulative value of up to 0.5, is a more accurate flow measurement instruments. However, if you use the flow of the measured medium is too small, the impact of the leak will be prominent instrument error, can not ensure sufficient accuracy. Therefore, different types and specifications of oval gear flow meter for use with a minimum allowable value, only when the actual measured flow rate is greater than the lower limit of the flow rate allowed value, the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed.

Secondly, the use of oval gear flow meter measured media to pay attention to the temperature is not too high, otherwise it will not only increase the measurement error, and there are so stuck in gear may occur. To this end, oval gear flow meter in the instrument specified temperature range.

Oval gear flow meter after long-term use, the internal gears are corrosion and wear, which affects the measurement accuracy. Therefore, we should always observe and regularly removed for inspection and, if conditions allow the best regular calibration.

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