The specific heat capacity
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Specific heat capacity is one of the important thermodynamic properties of substances. To calculate a measurement process or other processes to join or release heat, need to understand the nature. Heat capacity ratio is defined as: increased heat was required to make a unit mass of the object, the mathematical expression for

c = 1.gif(1-23)

Where dq-- join or release heat;

temperature change amount dT-- substance.

Specific heat capacity of the unit is J / (kg · K).

The specific heat capacity of the material and the process undertaken related. In engineering applications commonly used Cp two kinds of specific heat capacity of CD and constant volume specific heat, specific heat capacity Cp is a unit mass of a substance in the hematocrit same conditions, when the unit temperature change absorb or release energy; fixed Yung Cv is the specific heat capacity per unit mass of the material under the same conditions hematocrit, temperature changes when the unit's internal energy absorbed or released. The mathematical expressions are

Cp = (1.gif) p; Cv = (1.gif) v (1-24)

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