gas adiabatic index
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If the fluid is working fluid heat exchange with the outside world does not occur in the state of a process of change, the process is called adiabatic process. When measuring gas flow with orifice plates, fluid flow state changes that occur when the flow orifice of the holidays can be considered to be an approximately adiabatic process. In order to measure the coefficient of expansion can find gas, we need to know to characterize the measured gas is adiabatic index adiabatic process. If the gas is considered to be an ideal gas, then the adiabatic index K is the specific heat capacity at constant pressure and constant volume specific heat capacity ratio, ie

K = Cp / Cv (1-25)

For real gas, the kind of adiabatic index of the gas, the pressure on, the temperature. In general, single-atom gas adiabatic index K is 1.66, adiabatic index K diatomic gases 1.41. Table l-5 shows various gas adiabatic index more accurate values.

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