viscosity and kinematic viscosity
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Viscous fluid, so when the fluid flow in the pipe, the fluid will be close to the wall is adhered to the wall, while the center of the tube places a certain fluid flow rate. So speed, due to the viscous force, the tube will be formed in each layer of fluid distribution to certain rules.

According to Newton's Summary: In a fluid motion, block velocity shear deformation and fluid viscous force F is proportional to the gradient of the contact area, and with the nature of the fluid related to its mathematical expression for

F = U A (1-15)

Where - the rate of change of fluid velocity perpendicular to the direction of the velocity;

A-- contact area;

U-- proportional coefficient characterizing the fluid viscosity, kinematic viscosity or simply referred to as viscosity, the unit is: (N · s / m 2) or (Pa.s).

U dynamic viscosity of the fluid density and the ratio of P for the kinematic viscosity v, i.e.

V = (1-16)

Kinematic viscosity v of the unit is m 2 / s Acronym Si.

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