commonly used in fluid flow measurement parameters
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Study of fluid flowing in the pipeline industry, when flow measurement calculations and instrument selection, must meet a series of fluid properties and flow reflects the state of the physical parameters. These parameters are commonly used fluid density, viscosity, adiabatic index (isentropic index), volume compressibility factor and Reynolds number, the flow rate ratio (Mach), etc; these physical parameters are temperature dependent. Closely related to the pressure. A secondary instrument design and verification flow measurement device, are under a certain pressure and temperature conditions. If the actual operating conditions exceed the scope of design requirements that need to be amended accordingly.

First, the density of the fluid

Density of the fluid (P) is one of the important parameters of the fluid, it represents a mass of fluid inside the volume unit. In general industrial production, the fluid generally can be regarded as a homogeneous fluid, the fluid density may be represented by the quotient of mass and volume obtained:

P = M / V (1-2)

Quality formula m-- fluid, kg;

V-- volume of fluid mass m share, m 3

Density unit conversion table 1-3.

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