The definition of saturated steam
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When the evaporation of a liquid in a closed space limited in liquid molecules, through the liquid level into the space above, become steam molecule. Due to the thermal motion of steam molecule is in disorder, they collide with each other, and the collision and the wall of the container and the liquid level in the liquid, and the collision, some molecules will be attracted by the liquid molecules,and the liquid to return into the liquid molecules. Began to evaporate, number of molecules into space more than the number of return liquid molecules, as evaporation continued, steam moleculedensity increasing, and returns the number of molecules in the liquid is increased. When the number of the number of molecules per unit time into space and return in the liquid are equal, then the evaporation and condensation in the dynamic balance state, then although the evaporation and condensation is still in progress, but steam molecular space density no longer increases, this stateis called the saturated state. Under the condition of saturation liquid called saturated liquid, itsvapor called dry saturated steam (also known as saturated steam).

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