Installation Notes volumetric flowmeter
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King volumetric flow meter has a great advantage, no longer the front straight pipe to form a stable velocity distribution of the inner tube. This is because it directly metered volume of fluid, rather than to get the flow by measuring the flow rate. Therefore, the velocity distribution in the tube is not required, which brings great convenience for on-site installation.

But the gap between static and dynamic components between volumetric flowmeter is small, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, general wear and tear are not allowed to produce. Therefore, the volumetric flowmeter cleanliness media have - given the requirements, there can be a lot of solid particles into the meter. Measuring a fluid containing solid particles (e.g. water, etc.), medium filtering device must be installed before the meter.

When measured bubble-containing medium, the flowmeter should be installed before the gas separation apparatus, in order to avoid the inner gas volume was measured, and the influence of liquid flow rate measuring accuracy.

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